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At 42 years and with a career as a police officer, Jacky was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND).

“Initially I had a foot splint and managed to get around quite well,” explained Jacky. “I even completed the police fitness test! However I started to lose a lot of weight so I had a PEG (feeding tube) fitted and in order to be released from hospital I had to have a support package in place. I had a care agency come in to assist me with personal care and PEG feeding.”

As the disease advanced, Jacky slowly lost the ability to walk and had weakness in her arms. At this time she was being supported by the local hospice and a clinical nurse specialist, who recommended Helping Hands for full-time live-in care.

“I was very resistant to having a live-in carer initially but without that support my condition and quality of life would have deteriorated to nothing.”

Jacky talks about how live-in care support has given her life purpose again. “I was very depressed before, I had no interest in anything and was just existing day to day – it was easier, warmer and safer just to stay in bed. Now I have events to look forward to such as holidays and days out.”


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